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Just In Time


An inventory-less solution for your e-commerce orders.

Send us a Tech Pack or choose from our production-ready design catalog.



Connect your e-commerce store to our factory by downloading one of our apps.


Our state of the art 3D knitting machines produce beautiful and high-quality seamless garments.

We package each order using your custom packing materials and ship straight to your end customer.

DROP ship

WHOLESALE production

Small batch production is a solution that enables quick-turn, low MOQ production orders to be processed for your wholesale clients.  What sets our wholesale option apart is the opportunity to manufacture and sell in a shorter period of time (rather than the typical production cycle of up to 12 months). Our wholesale orders typically range from 50-1,500 pieces.

just-in-time (Retail)

Own and operate your own stores, but intrigued by the on-demand model?  With our just-in-time service, we run an initial quantity of each SKU to get inventory on the shelves.  Then, through software integration, we monitor what is selling and rapidly replenish styles that are actually moving (and stop producing styles that aren't selling).

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