User's Manual

Step 1: Create Products 

Identify the silhouette of the garment(s) you would like to make and choose what type of yarn you would like to use.  With this information, we can determine if your product is ideal for our facility.  Our machines can use a variety of yarns, including: merino wool, cotton, cashmere, and synthetic fibers.  We produce a range of knitwear products, from sweaters, cardigans, dresses, blazers and accessories. 


Once we have confirmed that Tailored Industry is the right manufacturer for you (we hope it is!), you will be connected with one of our account managers. The account manager assigned to you will be able to guide you through the sampling and production process. 

Double check before moving on that you:

✔ Have an understanding of the type of products you want to produce and what yarn you want to use

✔ Have an idea of whether you will be sending us a tech pack for a custom development or want to use one of our production-ready designs


Step 2: Launch Products 

After the sampling process is complete and the final garments are approved, you will determine what production service you are interested in.  For wholesale and just-in-time orders, you will discuss pricing and timing for bulk orders.  For the on-demand service, you will connect your online store to our factory . 

For on-demand customers, now that you've integrated our digital system into your brand, you can begin to upload your products to your online store and select Tailored Industry as your fulfillment partner.  


Launching new products can take as little as 1-3 weeks and you can begin on-demand fulfillment as soon as the samples are approved! 

Double check before moving on that you:

✔ Have decided to move forward with just-in-time or wholesale orders or our on-demand service

✔ Have approved a sample for production

✔ Have integrated one of our e-commerce apps, if your moving forward with on-demand fulfillment

STEP 3: Pack & Ship  

Congratulations, you are in production! Your products are being knit, finished, washed, steamed, tagged, packed and shipped. We take care of all of the finishing touches, like attaching your brand's labels, and will properly pack your garment(s) according to you instructions. Once this is done, we'll ship the products directly to your consumer, for the on-demand service, and to your warehouse for bulk shipments.


Since our manufacturing facility is local, the wait is quite short!

We only accept returns for garments that have a manufacturing error.  All other returns are sent to your address.

Double check before moving on that you:

✔ For on-demand fulfillment, understand how to push your orders into our production queue

✔ Have sent us the labels you want us to attach to your garments 

✔ Have sent us any custom packaging materials and instructions 

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